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Posted by Doctor lox @ 8:53 am, 11 October 2013.

Immediately noticed that the riser is serious, oak. Just like in his youth. Not, ver. do with the applier smile. Whatever you want, and you are even a bit to wait and it's worth. And as necessary. Most importantly, at least I have this effect, it is possible to go for a second stick, without removing. Before. On the second stick need peredelka. Not immediately stood up. Later. And during this time, or the woman changes his mind, or he will fall asleep smile. Now, you should. It is possible to continue the process. And this is very important. in the sense that you can afford a variety of fancy, without fear that it will fall. Once comfortable, feel a kind of Superman. You can push and push. Until you get bored. That is, emotions, after Viagra. And most importantly, dramatically improves psychological nastorenie.

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Posted by doctor chmo @ 9:32 pm, 09 October 2015.

I am writing this report with the words of his friend, for what has bought, for and sell. In short eplay he does professionally. In the sense that a day without sex. He's married. But such is the man that almost every day goes to the left. For this there is a permanent passion, like a work friend, a familiar waitress, a friend of the bookkeeper of the Bank, and so on. In addition, don't hesitate and random acquaintances.

I mean, every day from someone but break off. Problems with potency no. Enough for every day, and even the wife remains, if she's willing. And then, Cheto eye he caught the is generic Viagra. Well, he noticed that generics, thought something new. Short bought, just in case. Think I'll try to go to the left together with Viagra, what is it? Well, bit the pill, according to the instructions for an hour before meeting with the object. Shorter turned out. It is good, but the second stick smoke. Well, he's always wound, does not go to the second round. You never know what! Can show your rights. Or meet new pretty object. In General, that supply was.

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Posted by doctor pedik @ 5:49 pm, 05 October 2016.

In short being a visiting bookkeeper makes the first descent. And he is not falling! Well, it is, respectively, type "Worth it! It is necessary to use!" I had to go to the second round. Then the dick was gone. Well, he chudan here, time to go home. But while rubbed about the bookkeeper, again worth it!

He tihonechko, jumped out before she noticed. And thinks go to the waitress! let's see what happens. In short, he and her two piston inserted.
Goes home, but feels this is some sort of weakness, tremor in the legs. Do not understand. But at home just the wife remembered that she had a man there. In bed, there here it Is again!

Banged wife. Like to sleep, but then out of bed from his wife will not run away! While there lay in each other's arms. The wife says, "Honey, you have no worth!?" And the wife got a second serving. Went to piss in the toilet. Feels, and your legs. Had to pee just like a woman, sitting on the toilet.
Sat and thought and decided. God damn it, this Viagra !